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Although I resent any airing of "Citizen Kane", at least TCM is following it up (on the January 29th showing) with two of Marion's films, "Page Miss Glory" and "Cain and Mabel". Audiences can at least see that Marion was a talented comedianne in her own right.

Marion's beloved Ocean front mansion is Santa Monica (or what's left of it) has been borded up and condemned since the Northridge earthquake damaged it in the 80's (this from the Santa Monica website for Ocean House). Thanks to our Santa Monica coorespondant Gerald we have more news and a new link to a site for the project to restore Ocean House. Apparently the construction is already underway and you can see the artists rendition at The grounds and the pool will be open to the public (won't that be fun to dive into Marion's pool?) but I don't see the tennis courts anywhere on the drawings so I'm wondering if they're going to remove them? Anyway, thanks Gerald, we really appreciate your news bits and I'll try to keep them posted here as they break.

Marion's bed has been returned to her bedroom in the Hearst Castle! The bed was removed after W.R. died so that the Hearst twins could have twin beds in the room. I go on record stating that I griped and moaned on every visit to the castle (and there have been many) about the bed being missing so it was with a bit of shock on my last visit when I walked into Marion's room and there it was!

Marion in DC as Kennedy is sworn in.
Marion at the swearing in for President Kennedy, at left with a hanky over her face.

We lost our message forum in the latest server update last week. I am working with a friend to see if it be restored as I would like to get some movement on the site again. Ironically the Chat Room still works! It looks a little funny but I tested it and it worked. Maybe we can arrange a time when some of us can chat live? In the meantime, I'd love some guest articles or news updates so feel free to email with with content for the page.

Until next time....

Nick Langdon

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A 1941 European Magazine
with Marion on the cover,
Courtesy of Bob Board




Color lithograph from THE CARDBOARD LOVER, 1928

The Cardboard Lover




A Note From

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from Marion!

Marion's beloved Ocean House will somewhat rise
again as a public park in Santa Monica!

A shot of Sacramento's Crest Theatre with the opening titles of The Bachelor Father.  Ok, notice there is no one in the theatre....  I superimposed the titles onto a previous photo of the theatre.

The beautiful Crest Theatre
all lit up for the Davies
double feature!

Marion posing for a publicity shot
Warner Brothers, 1935.  Hit Counter Visitors Since 1/30/2000